What to Know About Triathlon Suits?

There are so many different types of triathlon suits you can find on the market. There is cycling, swimming and running included in triathlon and you should find a piece of clothing that will suit the requirements of all three sports. Another option is to select individual clothing that will need to be changed at each transition. But tri-suits are preferred as they allow convenience and don’t cost your precious time.

A tri-suit or a triathlon suit can be a one piece or two piece suit depending on your preferences. You can wear only this for the entirety of the triathlon. You can wear this under a wetsuit so that you can remove the wetsuit when completing the rest of the triathlon. There are many benefits of wearing a tri-suit.

It will keep you comfortable all the while improving your performance due to its aerodynamic and hydrodynamic properties. You don’t need to wear anything underneath the tri-suit. For women, these tri-suits are built with support but you have the option of wearing a sports bra. While there are unisex tri-suits, it is best to wear gender specific tri-suits to a women’s or men’s triathlon. This will ensure you have the right fit and that you get the right support.

When trying out different tri-suits, you have to consider whether it provides a smooth fit for your body while offering some compression. Compression clothing is beneficial as they can speed up recovery time. But it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. When there is loose fabric, it can create drag and slow you down. It is best to train using the tri-suit as well so that you are used to how it fits. You will feel comfortable in the tri-suit from the beginning of the competition.

There are tri-suits at different price points. Your comfort is very important when selecting the right suit. Consider if the fit of the suit and the stretch of the fabric allows you to move freely when wearing it. If it restricts your movement, it can affect your performance.

It is a good idea to try out some practice movements when you try the suit on such as jogging a little, bending, arm and leg movements etc. This will give you a better understanding of the versatility of the suit. When cycling, the cycling pad should be in the right position so that you are comfortable and protected. To improve performance in the water, you should have a suit that is made of smooth fabric or has a hydrophobic coating. When transitioning from swimming to cycling, the suit should be able to dry fast. This is where hydrophobic coatings will come in useful.

You may feel some discomfort when the cycling pad is wet. You can always go for a lighter cycling pad so that it doesn’t absorb a lot of water. But this will offer you less protection. You need to decide what your priorities are when considering this. When it comes to running, there should be a level of compression offered by the tri-suit and features that promote ventilation such as mesh areas and zippers.