What Are the Treatments for Bladder Incontinence?

Bladder incontinence or urinary incontinence (UI) is a condition that many experiences but unfortunately, when people are hesitating to talk about, it often can go untreated. However, incontinence is a medical condition that is not untreatable. There are many treatment methods to cure weak bladder conditions including methods such as behavioural interventions, medications, and lifestyle changes. Take a look at the following to know some of the common treatments for UI.

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Lifestyle Changes

These treatment methods often include changes made I lifestyle. This includes changing certain lifestyle practices that causes bladder incontinence. One of these is drinking a healthy amount of liquids at the right time. This involves limiting the liquid intake per day but not limiting it too much till you get dehydrated. Based on your health condition, climate and the physical activities you do, your doctor can decide how much liquid you should drink per day.

Limiting drinks also includes Limiting foods and drinks such as chocolate, tea, coffee, alcohol and carbonated beverages. Keeping a healthy weight and being physically active is another recommendation by medical professionals. Another life habit to stop is smoking. If you are someone who is used to smoking, it can increase the chance of having a UI. While some of these practices can get hard to get used to, don’t let a weak bladder control your life and start practicing these habits.

Behavioural Interventions

These are some of the first treatment types in preventing UI. One such method is pelvic floor muscle exercises that are done to increase the strength of pelvic floor muscles and the sphincter. Another treatment method is setting up a schedule for toilet visit. This can get you to urinate at the same time on everyday so you don’t have to wait till you feel the urge to use the bathroom.

Behavioural treatment also include catheterization where the bladder is emptied periodically using a catheter. Bladder training is also included under this treatment. This is where you are trained to delay or control the bladder when there is an urge to urinate. This would start with smaller times such as delaying for 15 or 30 minutes to helping to you control your bladder completely.

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Medications and Surgery

There are several medications and drugs that are recommended by a doctor that can help in controlling a weak bladder. However, when it comes to taking medication to prevent bladder incontinence, make sure you are taking a drug that is prescribed to you by your doctor. Surgery is another treatment that can help you to cure UI.

There are two main surgeries that can cure bladder incontinence; surgery to increase the bladder capacity and bladder removal. While these aims to increase the bladder’s capacity to hold urine or reduce the pressure in the bladder, they are not known to reduce bladder pain.

Changing lifestyle practices can cure UI in many of those are only suffering from minor conditions. It is often for those who have continuous UI that treatment methods such as behavioural interventions, medications and surgery are used.