Wedding Planning Guide – Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Looking forward to your big day and planning it is a feeling like no other. While the process of planning can feel overwhelming and may even get hectic at times, it all comes down to fixing the perfect ceremony. While you can opt for hiring a professional wedding planner to help you through the planning part, you still need to play an active role in it.

From all your likes and dislikes to all your expectations and dreams, as the bride-to-be you should stay ahead of things and pick up some juggling skills as coordinating and planning can take out a lot of your time and attention. Here are a few important things we’ve put together as a list to help you remember over the top of your head when it comes to planning a wedding.



Fixing a budget

In order to be able to proceed further with your wedding plans, you need to have an understanding on your budget. This will help give you an idea on your spending limit while also helping you stay organized in terms of finances. The tricky part is sticking to the budget you set, as it’s easier to get carried off.

Creating a check-list

Staying organized in terms of your planning and priorities can be of great help too. This allows you to keep in mind things that you need to get done in the span of a said time-line. Starting from selecting the date down to writing your vows for the big day, start jotting down all the priorities of planning the wedding of your dreams.

Booking the venue

Once you’ve selected a day and time, your next step is to book the venue for the day according to its availability. Once you’ve secured the venue down, you’re good to go around with Save-the-date cards. Keeping your budget in mind and your dream venue, make sure you have a visual view of the space before you finalize the booking.

Securing the florist

Flowers are the most beautiful part of every wedding décor! From your bouquet to the centre pieces of your table to the corsages to the entire wedding backdrop, florists need the proper time in order to work their magic on your big day. You can even get some fresh flower delivery in Melbourne if need to be in order to keep your house looking extra vibrant for the celebrations.

Hiring a photographer

Hiring both a photographer as well as a videographer is a must do in order to capture all the precious moments of you and your loved ones on your big day! Try to avoid leaving that task for the last minute so you’ll have the opportunity to explain what you expect of them while also having time to view their portfolio.

A couple of other things you need to keep in mind are the guest lists, invites, hiring all the necessary vendors in time as well as saying yes to the dress! Do not forget to have a back-up plan too!