Ways to Cut Down the Costs of a Wedding

A wedding is indeed a big day for anyone. In fact, we all had this dream wedding planned in our heads while growing up. However, as we now finally reach an age of realization, we know having a wedding ceremony costs a lot –really a lot.

Provided the recent pandemic, job cutting, and inflation, we all are struggling to make ends meet. In such a situation what anyone thinks when it comes to hosting a wedding ceremony is how to cut down the cost but still make it event-worthy. Here we have our best picks on ways to cut down the cost of a wedding.

Make purchasing decisions wisely

Most people go wild when they spend at a wedding. Remember that the advancements of technology and innovations have changed the way we purchase things.

Nowadays there are enormous platforms that you can buy the same thing for reasonable prices. Especially wedding gowns or wears even have a version of “replicas”. This is where original designer wear is replicated the same way but to make it more affordable- but you can’t find a difference in how it looks from original wear. Alongside, compare the prices with different shops. You will most likely get a similar or the same dress at an affordable price else wear.

When you purchase other wedding essentials like decorations or so, try to look for stores that offer discounts or visit wedding fairs that offer some services at a flat rate. On the other hand, try purchasing wholesale gifts if you’re considering offering any to your guests as a souvenir. For bulk purchases, they may consider giving a discount as well, in general, these are much cheaper than normal prices.

Consider digital invitation cards

We live in a world where everything is digitalized and everyone is active on some form of social media or platform. So why waste thousands of dollars on printing invitation cards when you can easily design a fancy one and share it among your invitees? You can also call them and follow up on the invitation to make it extra special and professional. This will also save you on postage costs.

If you’re having cultural jargon was it’s respectful to invite through a card only. Then try to print cards only for these sensitive invitees and share a digital invitation among others like your close friends, colleagues, or anyone who wouldn’t take it as disrespectful.

Have a buffet and not a sit-down meal

Sit-down meals are offered at a cost per head, which is expensive. So, switch to a widespread buffet style which can heavily cut down your catering cost, at least by 30% on average.

If you’re holding a wedding in a big venue with outdoor space, try to spice up your buffet by separating the starters, main course, and desserts. Be creative with decorating these tables to make them appealing and have a delicious spread. You might also consider having a grazing table if space allows. Make sure your buffet takes into account vegetarian options as well.

In truth, we all focus on cutting the cost of a wedding by touching on important elements like the venue, dress, and so on. Know that a wedding venue or a dress is not something to have alternatives for, those are what adds up in making a dream wedding come alive. So instead, try to focus on these tiny yet significant ways you can cut down the cost of your wedding without any regrets.