The Ultimate Bridal Shower Checklist

Almost every girl’s dream is to have her own family someday. Who wants to live alone in a house, right? It’s better to have someone you can lean on, and who can love and take care of you until you become old and wrinkly. Do you want to throw a bridal shower party for a girl who is very important to you? Keep in mind that it’s no easy task. But you don’t have to do it all by yourself as you can ask for help from a family member or close friend. To help you plan the best bridal party shower, here’s a checklist you can consider.

Set The Date

Set the date for the bridal shower. And make sure that everyone’s available on the day you’d like to throw the party. And of course, you have to check with the bride-to-be first. Ask her the best date to hold the bridal shower as well as the style or theme.

Plan The Budget

Avoid overspending. Set a budget and try to stick with it. And try to align it with the people involved to balance out the costs.

Pick The Venue

Reserve a venue that best fits the bride’s taste and character. Make sure to reserve it ahead of time should you like to do it in a conference hall, museum, garden or anywhere you’d like to host it. You can have it at home, too, particularly if the budget is limited.

Hire An Entertainer

Hire an entertainer to keep your guests happy like a singer or magician. And of course, a bridal shower will never be complete without some fun and entertainment. You can go to a bar and see a male strip show. Girls will have a great time for sure.

Select The Menu

The food is the core of any party. That’s why you have to see to it to choose the best food and drink selection. Double check if any of your attendees at the bridal shower party has a special food requirement. Some may have food allergies while others have certain religious beliefs. You can do the cooking or hire a catering service.

Easy Dress Code

Set a dress code. The guests’ attire should kind of match with the bride-to-be. You can select the dress code or better yet, ask the celebrant for a suggestion. They should look good on the photos as it is a once in a lifetime event.

Right Playlist

There may be some quiet time in a bridal shower party. So, to fill the air, play some music. Create your own playlist or ask the bride-to-be to choose the songs that she likes to keep everyone’s energy up.

Creative Décor

To make the venue for your bridal shower party look extra special, put some creative décor that goes well with the overall theme. Make sure to order some flowers, too, as they’re largely involved in a person’s life.

Apart from this list, don’t forget to have some giveaways as well. And personalized giveaways are a perfect idea.