Protection Tips Against the Sun for Summer Parties

While summer is the perfect time to go out and have a pool party or go to the beach with your mates, it also brings the sweltering heat with it. So how to stay safe from the summer heat while also not restricting yourself to insides? Take a look at the following safety measures to see what they are.

Wear Simple Clothes

Wearing loose fitting clothes is one the easiest ways to protect yourself from the heat. Cotton or linen clothes are the best as they let your seat evaporate without making you feel sticky or uncomfortable. If you are planning to host outdoor parties, make sure to keep the dress code light to something simple such as sundresses or tank tops instead of heavier dress codes.

Hats and Sunglasses

Using a wide brimmed hat that covers your entire face is a good trick when you are outside in the summer. If you are not a fan or hats (although hats are the best option) try to at least wear a cap or a scarf to protect your face. You will also need to have a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes against the hot summer sun.

Umbrellas/ Tents

Umbrellas are another great option when you are walking outside. But since you cannot always hold onto an umbrealla when you are at a gathering, try to hire some parry tents or outdoor umbrellas that you can use for especial events. Go to a one your outdoor umbrealla specialists in your area and hire a few outdoor umbrellas to use for your party to keep the guests comfortable.

Drink Lots of Liquids

Drinking a lots of liquids is essential to keep yourself from being dehydrated. If you are hosting a summer party, make sure there are enough beverages for your guests. Having enough water and adding some fruit juices such as lime or watermelon to your beverages menu can help keep your guests comfortable.

Add Cool desserts

Try to add some cool desserts to help your guests with the heat. Especially if you are having your party at somewhere like a beach venue you will be more exposed to sun than not, so adding some frozen stuff to your menu will be ‘cool’. When planning desserts, make sure things such as ice-creams and sundaes are your first options.

Use Sunscreen

The most important thing to remember is that whenever you go out – not just for the parties – wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is not only to keep you comfortable in heat but it is actually helpful to ward off a lot of heat related disease from sun burns to skin cancers. But if you are going for an outdoor back party or pool party or any other summer event, you will be more exposed to the sun than usual so don’t forget to apply enough sunscreen to protect your skin.

Summer if a great time to go out and party with your favourite people. But while having fun, also remember to take care of yourselves.