Ideas to Keep Your Wedding As Simple As Possible

Gone are the days where people planned extravagant weddings with hundreds of guests who the couple barely knew. Nowadays people choose to have very simple weddings, which is a good trend. The couple is able to save a lot of money this way and the stress and effort of planning such weddings is avoided. Most couples believe spending all that money meant for an extravagant wedding can be rather invested in property or spent on travel and adventure, which is more meaningful. Here is how you can plan a simple wedding of your own to save money and avoid complications of the extravagant wedding planning.

Make The Guest List And Pick A Venue

The venue should be able to hold all your guests, which should be limited to the closest family and friends. So, first decide how many people you plan to invite for the wedding. It is not the number that you should focus on but the relationship you share with these people. If they are close to you and they are your loved ones, they should be invited.

If you feel you should invite someone out of just courtesy, then better leave them out. It would be understood by others if you explain to them that it was a close family and friends affair. For example, you don’t have to invite your whole office staff, just because you feel like you should, though you are not close to them.

Once the guest list is made, you can send them the invitations, which could be e-invites or cards made of recycled paper. Either way is better for the environment and would save you a lot of money. You can even write a personal note on each of them to make it more personalized. Since the number of guests are so limited it won’t be too difficult.

When choosing the venue, keep it simple. A garden wedding is best. If you have a backyard of your own, don’t hesitate to decorate it and put out some chairs, tables and fairy lights to make it your venue for the wedding. A good cleaning of the garden, pretty arrangement of flowers and well-lit atmosphere with candles and fairy lights will transform the garden into a warm and beautiful venue for your wedding. You can also hire a venue elsewhere if there is no personal garden space. After the wedding you can hire the services of a wedding car or other travel service in Melbourne when leaving.

Choosing Outfits And Planning Food And Beverages

Picking your outfits could be done as per your liking. You can choose to do your own makeup and hair, if that is your preference. There won’t be any need to coordinate the outfits of bridesmaids and groomsmen. They can be given the freedom to wear whatever they like.

A playlist of music can be played in the background for entertainment. You might have to spend money on a catering service to order food. But it is worth to spend on such matters as most guests remember only how much they enjoyed the food at a wedding.