How to Make Your Wardrobe More Versatile

A versatile wardrobe has all the outfits you need for any occasion, regardless of season or time of the day. When your wardrobe is versatile, picking outfits becomes a lot easier. You can also save a lot of money spent buying new outfits for each occasion. Here are the tips you will need for a versatile closet:

Get Clothing Items You Can Pair with Other Items in You Already Own

Think of buying a new pair of trousers?  Try to pick a pair that really goes with a top you currently own. This would mean you could style outfits by pairing the new trousers with old blouses. Everything will look like new. When buying any new items, make sure you can match it with other stuff in your closet. Otherwise, you would have to spend a lot of money to buy tops or bottoms to match the new purchase.

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Buy Tops That You Can Wear to Both Office and Regular Functions

Are you one of those people with piles of tops in the closet but can never find a good one to wear for special occasions? You may have too many casual tops or too many formal tops. To make life easier, invest in blouses and tees that you can wear to casual, semi-formal, or business events. Silk tops are a great example, as seen in thefable website. Items like these are suited for office wear and also the occasional dinner. You can always pair a great blouse with a regular blazer and trousers to get a new look.

Aim for Multi-Season Items

Instead of stuffing the closet with hyper seasonal items, purchase for things you can wear to different seasons. The preference may change depending on the fashions of your choice. In general, clothes you can wear to at least two seasons would be a great addition to a versatile closet. Get tops that will look great in the summer, but can be paired with winter jackets or sweaters. Not only would you have less to sort in between seasons, your wardrobe would be well adapted to your needs.

Do Add Colours

There’s no need to avoid colours when you are building a versatile wardrobe. You can add plenty of items in colours in addition to neutrals like black. Ideally, you should have neutrals evened out with bright colours. Buy trousers and jackets in neutral tones and tops in colours. That way you can mix and match easily. You should have up to six different colours (or more) of tops in your closet to suit various occasions.

Buy Both Day and Night Outfits

Like choosing outfits to match both work and casual events, try to buy items you can wear both day and night. Don’t segregate your closet based on the time of day. Find clothes that can easily transition between different occasions and different times of the day. This is the best way to build a versatile closet without spending too much money or using up top much closet space.

The above tips should help you build the versatile wardrobe of your dreams. The trick is to buy multi-purpose outfits for the best results.