How to Get Creative with Flower Arrangements?

Houseplants or flowering plants are a great way to add colour to your home. They make your space look fresh, and smelling sweet. Even a bad day, can’t dull the atmosphere in your home with bright flowers or houseplants! Of course, you can try out the most classic flower compositions, but there are plenty of easy to make it look cooler and unique. Time to get your mind into floral mode with these incredible floral ideas.

Decoration Made of Shells and Pebbles

Jars and containers made out of glass are a unique and inexpensive alternative for the common flower vases. Try putting some pebbles or seashells into the glass jar before placing the fresh blooms and viola! You have a unique yet classy piece of art.

VasesMade of Rubber Boots

Everybody has colourful rubber boots in their closet which they never use. Well it’s time to bring it out and add a little spice and colour to your space! Add some sunshine to your rainy day by putting bright blooms into your waterproof boots. Other houseplants will look great in worn-out boots that you don’t use anymore!

OldWatering Pot

Who said that old watering pots are useless? Add a little unique element to your home with colourful blooms in an old watering can! Bring your imagination to life. If you have trouble looking for florists, opt for elregalo flower delivery to your home!

Tea Cups And Eggshells

A table composition made up of teacups or egg shells and flowers looks springy, colourful and so refreshing. You can also add twigs and leaves or any other decorations to give it a little oomph!

Soup Tureens

It’s time to bring out the long-forgotten soup tureens and put them to good use. You can add this exceptional element to toysto our home on special times! Don’t forget to pair it with the right type of flowers!

PotsMade from Old Bottles

Want to decorate your house, but it has to be easy, simple, and inexpensive? Well, we’ve got you covered. Opt for old glass bottles that you have in your store cupboard. Line them up and add colourful blooms to it. We guarantee that it’ll turn eyes. The bottles can either be similar or mismatched because perfection is overrated.

Wooden Box or Tray

Turning a timber box or tray into a really cool flower shelf isn’t that hard. Just drill them in and fill them with unique vases and sweet blooms.

A Flower Basket

Flowers and houseplants have their way of comforting a tense space. It makes it look refreshing, like a breath of fresh air. What’s better if it is in a cute little basket! Don’t forget a treat sponge to keep your blooms of plants looking fresh at all times.

Shallow Bowls

Ever seen those shallow bowls filled with water and flowers floating on it? Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about. They look so classy and sophisticated. They add colour and a sweet fragrance to a space.

Tin Can

Tin cans can be turned into really pretty and cute vases. They are easy to place almost anywhere. And they can be painted in real bright or neutral colours to suit the aesthetics of your home. They are so many other creative ways to place your flowers in, this is just the tip of the mountain. Dig into your creative mind and bring the best out of it!