How to Design a Kitchen in Hamptons Style?

If you are renovating a kitchen and you are a fan of the Hamptons style, you can get in touch with a kitchen designer so that you can discuss how the design can be executed. This is a style that can bring a touch of warmth and elegance into your home.

The Hamptons is a coastal region in New York that was urbanised and later became a holiday destination.  This style incorporates many traditional and modern features that give the essence of coastal ambience to your home. You have to start with colours when it comes to creating a Hamptons style kitchen and white is the primary colour used. You can also use some colours like greys and navy colours to highlight some areas.

The white theme creates a bright and airy kitchen and actually gives the impression of spaciousness which is very important for small-sized kitchens. But you need to balance the white with highlights of other colours so that you balance the brightness and provide an interesting contrast. So when it comes to the floor, it is best to go for darker flooring. You can use timber flooring so that it is in line with the theme. But it doesn’t have to be natural timber. There are many engineered wood and vinyl options that are hardwearing enough to be installed in a kitchen.

You can design Shaker cabinetry that ties into the whole Hamptons style. Your cabinet doors and drawer faces will have a recessed rectangular panel. It is a simple design that can create a charming effect. You can also use criss-cross glass doors for overhead cupboards so that you can create a traditional style. This is more in line with the classic Hamptons style. But even with the traditional appearance, you can use modern railings and accessories in order to make it more efficient. This includes the use of soft-closing runners, LED lighting inside the cupboards, push open mechanisms, electric and hydraulic lift mechanisms for overhead cupboards, etc. When it comes to cabinet handles, you can go for matt black, brass, or brushed gunmetal to give a contrast against the white doors and drawers.

Look at different door handle styles as well. Generally, circular knobs and rectangular handles are used in the Hamptons style. When designing, always go for straight lines instead of soft curves. You can choose a marble or stone benchtop that has an interesting grain pattern to add some texture to the space. An island bench is a great complement to a Hampton theme kitchen. You can use either timber or white-washed timber stools to complete the look. You can also use rattan furniture.

When choosing a kitchen tap, go for one that has a gooseneck arch that speaks to the traditional style. The finish of the tap can match the finish of the cabinet handles. You can also use square-shaped spouts and add a touch of contemporary style to this as well. Generally, a large stainless steel sink can be used and the finish of this should complement the rest of the design.