Get the Perfect Fit for Your Wedding Gown with These Tips

Getting the perfect fit for your wedding gown is important to create that stunningly beautiful look for your big day. It is normal not to get the right fit on the first time you try on a wedding dress. After picking the perfect style you want, the next step is to try it on to know which alterations are needed to be done. It could be a resize, simple hemming, or whatever that needs to be done to achieve that perfect fit. Here are some of the tips to help make this process smoother.

Get the Right Measurements

It is very rare to get a wedding dress that perfectly fits on the first try. After choosing the style you like, the bridal salon staff will get your measurements, compares it to the designer’s size chart and picks the gown closest to that size. The bride-to-be then needs to try on the gown to see if it fits perfectly or needs some alterations for a perfect fit.

Set 3 Dress Fittings

Your body changes a lot through time, and so is the fit of your wedding gown. To be assured of a perfect fit, schedule 3 gown fittings before your wedding day. The first two can be done several months before the wedding day, while the third fitting should be done at most 2 weeks before the big day. Most likely, you’ll be bringing home a wedding gown that perfectly fits your size and shape.

Choose the Right Accessories

In modern bridal fashion, it is the accessories that bring out the real beauty of your wedding outfit. The gown serves as the blank canvass where you work around which accessories will bring out the best look in it. Be sure to choose accessories that will suit the general theme of your wedding. There are lots of options to choose on: from brooches, crown, beaded bridal veils, and more. Make sure not to overdo them to avoid an overwhelming look.

Be Vocal During Fitting

It is normal not to get the perfect fir during the first alteration. However, you should speak to your tailor if you feel that it still doesn’t fit right. The tailor will do their best to get the perfect fit for your special day. Be open about what you want to achieve in your outfit to make it easier for the tailor to plan out the alterations needed.

You may also suggest some add-ons such as cape or sleeves. However, ask for expert opinion from your tailor first if it will look good on your dress or not. It would be perfect if the bridal salon offers in-house alteration services to save you time and energy during fitting.

Wedding dress alterations are an essential part in achieving the perfect wedding outfit for you. Although it would add up a little to your expenses, wearing a gown with a perfect fit during your wedding day is definitely worth it.