Essential Considerations when Hiring a Caterer

In organizing events, there are so many factors to plan out and consider such as the venue, decorations, guests, accommodation, and many more. However, everything is lost when you don’t have a good catering agency to handle all the food and drinks needed for the event. Being able to provide a great meal or cocktail time makes your event more enjoyable and memorable to your guests. If finding a good caterer for you event seems like a challenge, then here are some easy to remember tips to help you out.

Consider the Event Size and Needs

Every event has different needs when it comes to food and drinks. First of all, you should find a caterer who can handle the expected number of guests in your event. Then, determine what kind of food and drinks are needed to be served. For example, if you’re planning to serve dinner, choose a caterer that specializes in main dishes. If you’re event will just last for a few hours, caterers that specialize in snacks and drinks are your best find. Check out these catering recruitment agencies to find the best caterer that suits your event.

Do Your Research and Check Reviews

One of the easiest ways to find a good caterer is through recommendations. You can do this by asking from your relatives and friends. Mostly, they will recommend one in which they had positive experience with. You may also do some research online and check customer reviews and ratings regarding the service provided by a certain catering agency.

Budget and Cost

Budget is important in everything that we plan. When it comes to catering services, be sure to choose someone that is within your allocated budget range. Never sacrifice the quality of food and service for the cheapest option. Weighing everything in is the key the quality of food, price, and menu offered, and other more factors. Also, don’t forget to check for hidden fees which could get you off-guard especially when you haven’t noticed it.

Determine the Number of Staff You Need

Each type of event requires various numbers of staff available on the venue. For example, if you’re planning to have a bar in the event, one bartender is enough. However, you should add a few bar staffs if you’re planning to feature specialty drinks. For buffet style dining, 2 or 3 servers are enough for 30 guests. Don’t forget to add additional staff to clear the dishes and maintain the area.

Do a Taste Test

One sure way to find out if they are serving good food is to request a tasting. No matter how luscious their food looks like on photos, nothing beats it when you try it out personally. It will also make it easier for you to select the dishes you want to be served during the event knowing that everything tastes delicious.

Being meticulous in choosing a catering agency is not a bad thing. Food serves as a bonding moment for almost everyone which makes it a perfect reason to indulge your guests just a little.