Do Introverts like working in coworking spaces?

The 21st century has seen huge developments in terms of office culture. Women have been ushered into leadership roles. Society in general has moved away from industry and construction-based work and into more administrative and creative work. People are working less with their bodies and more with their minds than ever before. With the advent of the internet and screens, came the amazing ability to teleconference and send messages and do business faster and more easily than ever before. Now we are beginning to see the next step in the evolutionary ladder. Co working.

Employees don’t even need to be within the company premises to get work done. Simply login to a zoom meeting to get your daily updates. Use the office intranet to send messages and google for the rest. Life has never been simpler. If you’re looking for a co working space to help you be creative and social at your own pace, take a look into virtual office brisbane cheap. They’ve got some great spaces at affordable prices.

With this change in working space, we thought that it would be interesting to see how different personality types felt about Co Working. Would Introverts detest showing up to co working spaces and prefer office culture? Would Extroverts prefer it due to the flexibility it offers? Let’s find out.

Introverted people tend to enjoy smaller spaces with a relaxed vibe

On average it seems as if introverts prefer smaller space and more tightly knit communities. The more introverted they are, the less likely they were to speak to more than 3 people in a working day. We’re not very surprised to be honest. Introverts in general seem to avoid or place less importance on social interaction due to their lack of social needs. A blessing or a curse? Who’s to say. A large proportion of introverts working in co working spaces also tent to classify them as ‘trendy or hip’ due to the more relaxed way of conducting business within co working spaces.

Introverted members did not like isolated workplaces

Introversion and Isolation are two completely different things, and the saying, no man is an island comes to mind now more than ever. Some personality types definitely prefer social interaction in the workplace, others preferred less, however, very few actually referred no social interaction at all. All personality types also preferred to be able to work in both ani open environment and retreat to a closed environment when it came time to get some deep work done. After all no none wants to crunch the numbers of the upcoming quarter when Jeff is just having too much fun at the foosball machine. Don’t be like Jeff, be considerate of your coworkers.

The Majority of introverts decided to join a co working space of their own accord.

What does this mean? I though Introverts avoided social interaction at all costs? Not the case. Introverts require social interaction. Perhaps not to the same extent that extroverts do but they require it regardless. And what they require the most is apparently simple conversation to fulfil that requirement.

Ultimately, co working spaces attract people of all kinds. Introverts, extroverts, ambiverts etc. But one thing that they continue to come back for is the relaxed vibe that a good co working space offers.