Bookings That Need To Be Made Before A Wedding

Planning your big day, as exciting as it sounds and feels takes months of meticulous planning which could leave you stressed out by the time your day draws near. No matter how much you do you may feel that you still have a never ending list of pre bookings, dress fittings and cake tastings to go. Here is a check list of all the pre bookings you would need to get done way in advance.

The Church and the Reception Venue

If you have decided to get married in the church, you would need to book it well in advance. You would also need to speak with your pastor, or the individual who is going to solemnize the marriage. You would need to also speak with the church about what documentation you and your significant other would need to bring beforehand.

If you have decided to have your ceremony outdoors, you would need to book the garden are in advance as well. You would also need to inform your pastor who is to perform the ceremony, of the venue in which it would be taking place. Once you have decided on the reception venue, it would be necessary for you to speak to them and book your date along with a reasonable deposit.

The Photographer, Videographer and the Entertainment

These individuals would need to be pre booked for the day as well but you would need to set aside a particular time to talk and discuss the available options they offer. For example the photographer and videographer would need to be asked a series of questions to make sure that they are capable of offering their services according to your expectation. The same goes for the entertainment. You and your significant other would need to speak to the DJ and ensure he fits the requirement

The car

If you have decided on renting a limousine or such for your special day, make sure that you make the booking well in advance like Guildford. Most car hire services deliver their vehicles if requested so make sure to inquire if it is possible to be brought to your residence on the day of the wedding. That way you wouldn’t need to remind someone to pick up the vehicle on the day. You may want to make sure that the case comes early enough to the venue or the house in time for it to be decorated.

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The Dress, the Cake and the Florist

Deciding on your dress would be next. Once you have looked at a few options, ask your bridesmaids to help you decide. Same goes for the cake and florist. Make sure that all these aspects fit in with the wedding theme and nothing stands out except the bride herself.

These are a few of the many pre bookings that need to be handled well in advance of the big day its self. Once these bookings are out of the way, you will be able to carry on with your other duties with the least or no difficulty at all.