Best Silk Thread Bangles for a More Attractive Bridal Look

The best traditional Indian bangles have a symbolism with them which makes it a fine work of art showing the Indian heritage. Women love jewellery just like humans cannot do without air. Bangles have been part of the Indian heritage for a long time now, and even with the modernization of the outlook of these bangles, they still hold water amongst many cultures. Are you searching for bridal jewellery online, we are going to put a stop to any confusion you have in mind with this article as we are going to be taking a look at some of the best Indian silk thread bangles for a more attractive bridal look.

The thing with beautiful bangles, the one thing you have to take into consideration is colour because many of them have the same designs with the colour combinations as the beauty behind the jewellery:

  1. Traditional red and gold bangles

The combination of the traditional red and gold colour is something you cannot get enough of in the Indian setting, and a matching bangle would do wonders not only for your overall confidence but also your outlook as well. This is a simple yet unique combination people make use of all the time and could work for you as well.

  1. Blue and golden bangles

Blue and gold are terrific colours when used singularly on bangles. If it is so beautiful as a single unit, how beautiful do you think it would be when combined – simply magnificent. You have two great colours which would look great on your hands, making you look bride worthy than ever.

  1. Yellow and orange

Having two bright colours coming together is something we all love. I mean bright plus bright equals brighter and for an Indian wedding setting, anything that would brighten the day is a welcome addition. This is also a good way to keep things simple and traditional alongside your matching attire, making your engagement setting a place to be adored by all.

  1. Royal blue and lavender

Royal blue as the name implies speaks class, and when combined with lavender on a nice and attractive bracelet, you have a simple and attractive bridal outlook. You can also pair your coloured bangles with bright coloured mehndi outfit with the same colour for a beautiful pre-wedding shoot. Colours make the difference in silk thread bangles, and you can also take advantage of this. For the best Indian jewellery online search think of thesecolours.

  1. Blue and parrot green

Mixing colours is not an easy deal and for one of the best yet scarcely used colour, you have the parrot green. It has a natural sting to it and looks far better when mixed with blue. This overlay of both colours on your silk bangles is something special, especially for bridal settings.