Activities For Young Children To Aid Development

The minds of young children are very impressionable. They are constantly learning new things and developing. In the first 3 years of the life of a child, the child passes through many important developmental milestones. A delay in these milestones can cause the child to be far behind their peers. We all want the best for our children. We want them to be ahead in life. Therefore, it is important that we promote effective development in our children. Here are a few ways in which we can aid development in young children.

Encourage Good Communication

It is important to introduce communication very early on to a child. Smiling with their mother is the first developmental milestone that a baby will achieve, which is a form of communication. Then they will start to make sounds like cooing, afterwards saying monosyllabic words, out of which dada would be the easiest for them to start with, later on they will use polysyllabic words and then go on to making sentences. This language development of a child can be improved with the proper stimulation. For example, it is important to speak with the child.

Show them things like food and toys and name them. Instead of just giving them things straight away, prompt them to repeat the name of it afterwards. It is important that you use the same word for each object repeatedly. Then the child won’t be confused. Another way you can encourage them to learn languages is by reading to them. Read a story book every night before they are put to sleep. The books you read to them must be children’s books with stories that stimulate their imagination and creativity. As they get older you will be able to read more advanced books, thereby stimulating their creative thinking processes and language skills.

Identifying The Importance Of Music

Every young child has a very short attention span and they can easily get distracted. It is also not too easy to get their attention in the first place. But the use of music can help get their attention. They can be taught to listen and sing songs. The ABC songs and other children’s songs, which are catchy and easy to memorize can be learnt by children when they are young.

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Also, creative dance for toddlers can be as simple as clapping hands or dancing to a song. This can be introduced to children as well. Twill be thoroughly enjoyed by children as well as stimulating their development. Young children, who have a talent for music, whether singing or dancing, will find their passion in the field as early as this age if they are stimulated the right way. For example, you can learn how to play a keyboard very early on in life.

Stimulating a child to develop effectively and efficiently from early on in life is important. This can be done by encouraging good communication with the child and introducing music and dance early on in life.