7 Do’s And Don’ts of a Product Launch

From upcoming artists and designers to known companies, a product launch is a momentous occasion. This is what boosts you through those beginning sales and with the right kind of launch (plus the help of the trusty Internet), your product could get the recognition it deserves within moments. Here’s our top X Do’s and Don’ts for a product launch:

Do Target Influencers

A successful launch depends entirely on the type of people you invite. And while targeting a niche audience for your product is extremely important, don’t forget that you have to also get the key influencers in your area if you want maximum reach. With influencers as your guests, your launch will be covered on various social media platforms- if your target audience is in the younger generations, this will work entirely in your favour.

Don’t Set Coinciding Dates

Thoroughly do your research before deciding on a date. Your product launch shouldn’t coincide with any other major events or don’t count on anyone to show up! Be very careful about festive holidays as well. It’s during the holidays that everyone plans their vacations and this means, with everyone too busy having their own fun, your reach would be rather minimal.

Do Consider Location

Always consider your audience’s best interests at heart when considering location. Melbourne’s best event space needs to be the right fit for your product and brand- the more orthodox and charming it is, the better! After all, the venue has to be picture perfect for all the attention it’s about to get from your influencers.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

At the end of the day, your goal has to be to resonate with the people- using whatever it is you’re marketing. If the public doesn’t seem to understand your message, then it’s completely fine to revaluate where you stand and make adjustments to your message depending on the realizations you come to during this journey. It’s not something to be embarrassed about- it’s you owning up to the fact that not everything works out the way you want it to.

Do Share

Make sure you have some freebies, discounts or demo models for guests to try out. This helps your guests engage more with your product and you can get some direct feedback and testimonials from them!

Don’t Forget To Follow Up

As with any type of event, if you want to earn bonus points with your invites, it’s considered common courtesy to reach out and thank each of your guests for taking the time to attend your launch. You can even follow up with an advertising campaign that will keep your product on the forefront of people’s minds.

Do Convey Your Message

You won’t have long to do it so make sure your message is concise, impactful and tells a story that appeals on an emotional level. This is how the best of products sell- and sell fast.

This is everything you need to keep in mind when launching your product.  Remember, as with any event, everything might not go to plan but should problems arise, make sure you acknowledge them directly and solve them because they won’t go away on their own.