5 Erotic Fantasies to Try Out with Your Man

Women’s fantasies are a little bit different from men. There’s a common theme on what men fantasize the most and would wish that their partner would try to do it with them. Most sexual fantasies are usually outside of the norms. What makes them exciting is the thought that it is outside the boundaries of what’s considered normal yet it could still be done. Here are some of the most common erotic fantasies you could try out with your man for a hotter sex night.

Being Tied Up

Contrary to what others think, being submissive is one of the most common fantasies men want to try with their partners. Being tied up, spanked or teased under the situation that they have no control is a great way to turn on your man. In this case, the man is a passive player as the woman takes control of everything. Most men enjoy it since it is the opposite of what their lives are outside the bedroom – being in control in most cases.


While other men enjoy being tied up and submitting themselves to their partner, others want it the other way around. They find it really arousing when they have full control of the situation and even their partner. Domination is more of combining pleasure and pain which can be expressed in a lot of ways; from bondage, spanking, blindfolding, and a lot more. As long as both of the partners are fine with this kind of fantasy, it is definitely worth a try.


It may not be obvious but the idea of possibly getting caught or discovered by others while having sex is one of the top erotic fantasies’ men enjoy. Just the simple thought of being caught adds to the thrill and excitement. Although it is hard to actually act this out in a public place, you can still get a similar feel by having sex at a friend’s house or even at a parent’s house.

Dressing Up and Role Play

Role play is one of the common fantasies both men and women equally enjoy. It adds novelty to your sexual encounter, making it feel more thrilling and erotic. There are lots of roles you can try with your partner. The most common ones are doctor and patient, teacher and student, and a lot more. To make it more realistic, try dressing up to your role and have a little acting with your partner during foreplay to spice things up.

Activities you should enjoy with your partner


Men usually get easily aroused with what they see which makes voyeurism one of the common fantasies they enjoy. It could come in different forms such as watching their partner masturbate, peeking into their partner while doing something erotic, and a lot more.

Trying out new things is one of the perfect ways to keep things spicy and thrilling especially when you’ve been doing almost the same routine over and over again. Try these fantasies with your man and discover which one excites him the most for a hotter and sexier night.