Weddings and Events of Australia (WEOA)

About the WIPA Awards



Weddings and Events of Australia (WEOA) have created the annual Wedding Industry Professionals of Australia (WIPA) Awards to recognise excellence in business practice across the Weddings Industry. The Awards have been developed to encourage the achievements of individuals and businesses that have demonstrated outstanding expertise in their field and aspire to achieve their personal and professional goals.


Weddings and Events of Australia will be responsible for recognising the fabulous talent we have in this ever growing industry. We will recognise every aspect of the weddings industry regardless of business size. Every WEOA member who submits to gain a rating against the newly developed Diamond Standard will be judged based on various aspects of their business and their ability to answer the specific questions outlined in the WEOA awards criteria.


Businesses who are rated against Diamond Standard will receive industry wide recognition and the recipients will be encouraged to maximise the benefits of the accolades by incorporating the honour into their business marketing.


The Diamond Standard rating

This year, each and every WEOA member who submits to the WIPA Awards will receive a rating against the Diamond Standard. The rating scale to achieve each level of Diamonds is below:


One Diamond

One Diamond is granted to a business who may or may not be new in the industry and are currently working hard to position themselves amongst the elite within their category. The website, marketing and branding of this business should be consistent however there is room for improvement. The business needs to have established processes and procedures relating to the handling of client enquiries and have good rapport and testimonials from their clientele.


Two Diamonds

Two Diamonds indicates a well established business that is well positioned within their category of elite suppliers. The branding and marketing of this business is solid as well as their social media presence. A business awarded two diamonds should have an established strategy for dealing with clients and enquiries as well as a list of positive testimonials.


Three Diamonds

Three diamonds will be awarded to a business who is a stand out and leader in their category of the industry. The business will have a solid and flawless strategy for branding, marketing and business planning as well as a strong social media presence. This rating shall only be awarded to the most exceptional businesses who have little room for improvement and only room for expansion.


The WIPA People’s Choice Award

One winner in each state, as voted by the public via our website, will receive a decorative award reflecting their business name, category and year of attainment.


Why enter the Awards?

This is an opportunity for you to be recognised and rated for your commitment to the Weddings industry. Your participation demonstrates to industry and to your customers, that you are committed to the pursuit of excellence. Your team, suppliers and customers can see you strive to be a leader in best business practice.

Completing your submission is a key benefit to your business. It enables you to stop and reflect upon your current business methods and to consider future strategies to maintain and evolve your enterprise. This is a chance for you to look at your business, look at your strengths and consider your opportunities.

The 2016 Wedding Industry Professionals of Australia Awards submissions will incorporate bridal and industry references and various questions about your business.


 Benefits of entering include:

  • Greater recognition of your business across the weddings industry
  • A significant boost to your industry relationships
  • A springboard to attracting new clientele
  • Receiving a personalised Diamond Standard logo featuring your rating to apply to marketing and promotional material
  • Publicity on the WEOA Website and through industry media and social media
  • Recognition from your team, suppliers and existing clients
  • An elegant certificate to display across your business


 Awards Submissions

All award submissions MUST be submitted by the cut off dates below and submitted on the official WEOA online webpage.

Those submissions not completed per the official website, will not be included in the judging process.

Nominations must include the following details:

  • A completed submission form with all relevant details ad questions answered and fulfilled.
  • Visual representation per the requested photographic/video criteria.
  • Two references, one from a bridal client and the other from an industry professional.


 Awards Entry Process

 Step 1: Eligibility

You MUST be a financial member of WEOA to be eligible to submit a proposal for the Awards.
To become an Industry Member click here


 Step 2: On-line Submission

There is an on-line submission form for completion within the time-frame. You will be able to upload supporting visual material as requested online. Your submissions are treated confidentially and protected at all times. Online submissions will open in late March 2016.


Step 4: Completion of the submission

This is the most important step. Consider who you will choose to compile the content of your submission. Who will write it and what it will look like upon completion? We advise printing the questions on our submission form, reading it carefully and preparing your answers and supporting visual material before submitting. It’s always a good idea to choose a third party to read over and review the content of your submission. Ask for critique and any additional commentary that will help with your entry. Remember this will form the bulk of what the Judges will be critiquing so preparation is essential.  


Submissions Open:

Online submissions will open in late March 2016.


Submissions Received:

Upon receipt of your submission, you will be immediately notified that it has been received. You will then receive a follow up email to confirm that the criteria has been fulfilled and your entry has been successful in going through to the judging process.



A Diamond Rating for each member will be awarded at the Wedding Industry Professionals of Australia (WIPA) Awards in Sydney at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth on Thursday 25th August, 6:30pm – 10:30pm.



Your ticket to the WEOA Summit includes entry to the WIPA Awards. Buy your tickets here.