Why We Love Floral Hair Wreaths


Autumn may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon bright colours until spring! We at WEOA are always searching for the best trends to make your special day truly magical. This autumn, make your wedding stand out with beautiful floral hair wreaths.


The Crown Collective

The Crown Collective

Floral hair wreaths are the perfect headpiece for brides who want a bohemian, vintage or rustic feel on their their perfect day. The wreaths hold a special whimsy, and who doesn’t want to float down the aisle adorned with gorgeous flowers? No other accessory is as romantic, and the crowns evoke a sense of natural glamour. You, after all, are a queen, and, as a queen, deserve to wear a crown on your special day.


Byrdie BeautyByrdie Beauty

Flower crown are easily personalised, and can be as unique as you. Whether you prefer large roses in vibrant reds, or delicate baby’s breath in pale pink, flower crowns are a reflection of who you are. Another benefit of the flower crowns is that they suit any hairstyle. Rolling waves, bouncing curls, princess braids, the only limit is your imagination.


chicvintagebrides.comChic Vintage Brides

You can purchase them or you can make your own. Including home-made items in your wedding gives your special day a personal touch. Not only that, but making flower crowns with your bridal party is the ultimate bonding experience.


Stone Fox BrideStone Fox Bride

Artificial flowers are fine, if you want to keep the headpiece as a memento, but we at WEOA recommend making them from fresh flowers. Nothing evokes love and beauty like fresh flowers on your wedding day.


Celadon CeleryCeladon Celery

WEOA will be running Flower Crown Workshops at Love on the Lawn Newcastle 2016, Sunday 3rd of April at the Newcastle Jockey Club and at Love in the Vines on Sunday, 17th of April at Lindeman’s.