Why we love Australian natives

Here at WEOA we love everything about Australian native flowers. Colourful, bright and unique, native flowers will make your special day even more magical.

Native flowers are wonderfully diverse. They can be striking and dramatic – think banksias, waratahs and gymeas. Some have a wonderfully delicate and make great floral accompaniment – think riceflowers and waxflowers. Then there’s the diverse and striking foliage, to add depth to your floral arrangements – think large glossy green leaves, delicate ferns and bright seedpods.

Whether you want to only use natives, or combine them with more traditional flowers, there are so many ways you can use natives at your wedding.

Rosie Hastie


Fresh flowers are always a wonderful addition to the design of a wedding. They add vitality and freshness to an event, and give your special day an extra tough of magic.

Native flowers are a wonderful addition to your wedding. Not only does including them honour our beautiful Australian landscape, natives are also very different and unique from European flowers.

For rustic weddings, we recommend placing natives in repurposed glass jars and placing them on benches. For urban weddings, natives strewn on the aisle will bring the Australian landscape into the urban.


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Throwing the bouquet is such an important moment in your wedding, the flowers you out in it should be chosen carefully. You can use traditional flowers, like camellias or orchids, and include some bold statement natives, such as waratahs. You could also choose to only use natives. Think eucalyptus leaves, gum nutss, bushy waxflowers and bold banksias for a stunning bouquet.

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Natives look good on anyone, at any kind of wedding. Think of flower girls with delicate pink waxflowers in their hair, the groom with eucalyptus leaves and gentle rice flowers on their suits, and you, dazzling your guests with wallaby cherries in your bouquet. Floral hair wreaths and corsages are a wonderful way to incorporate natives into your wedding.

Swallows Nest Farm

Remember, your imagination is the limit when styling with native flowers. We at WEOA suggest picking a few natives and working with them as a theme.

Luv Jess xx