Summer Wedding Florals Trends, Tips and Tricks

Now that the sun has officially put his hat on and the summer is upon us, all the eyes of the industry and brides-to-be are on the trends for this wedding season. We at WEOA have our finger firmly on the pulse of upcoming trends and are always on the look out for new and fresh ideas from our members.

Florals are such a pinnacle part of your wedding from bouquets to stunning centrepieces, you want to make sure you pick the best  of the bunch for your big day. From seasonal blooms to how to take care of your flowers to keep them looking at their best in the heat, our experienced members share some of their wisdom to help keep your florals fresh and on trend.

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Photo by Thrive Flowers

2016 Summer Trends and Ideas

Country Garden

The ‘just picked from the garden’ look has been trending this season and will continue to bloom through to the next season. Floral Treasures have noticed that a lot of brides are now opting for a more earthly, unstructured and wild style to their bouquets and to the overall flower décor for the wedding. Beautiful amasses of green foliage and the use of a blend of different flowers in various colours has helped to achieve the ‘wild’ and ‘English garden’ look to the flower arrangements.

Seashell Bouquets

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Photos by Bejewelled Brides

If you’re having a beach or coastal wedding or are just looking for something unique, Bejewelled Brides make the most beautiful bespoke seashell bouquets. These stunning pieces can be made well ahead of time to suit your style and are totally unique to you. Not only will you have something special for your big day but, unlike fresh flowers, it can be kept forever  and handed down to future generations. What a beautiful way to start a tradition!

Romantic Luxe

Heavily influenced by what’s trending in the celebrity circle, Floral Treasures predict that this year’s popular theme involves a very large amount of flowers! More flowers and less foliage on the walls, on the ceiling and in every place imaginable appear to be a favourite with brides and grooms this year. The use of creamy pastel colours and flowers that create a soft and delicate illusion like hydrangeas and Phalaenopsis orchids are also a crowd favourite. This theme is simply luxurious and most suitable to those with a large flower budget!

Seasonal Flowers

Picking flowers that are in season in the summer months will not only make the florals easier to get your hands on and will guarantee a higher quality of bloom but will also help your budget stretch that little bit further.

As recommended by the gang at Floral Treasures, the flowers in season this summer are:

David Austins


David Austins are a romantic natural garden rose brimming with folds upon folds of delicate petals. These beauties are fragrant and evoke classic elegance making them a true favourite for bridal flowers this season. They are available in a range of shades from pastel pinks to bold reds and everything in between.



Photo by Lace and Lilies

Amaranthus, also known as “Love Lies Bleeding”, carries the meaning of ‘love that never fades’ in the universal language of flowers. These blooms come in lime green and deep red and create a velvety textured trailing tassel look in wedding floral arrangements.


Photo by Brocade Designs

Peonies are the ‘it’ flower of the season with layers of tissue like petals revealing a beautiful puff bloom. The peony will flourish into a voluminous cloud of petals. For the elegant luxe look, be sure to include pure whites in your wish list.


Shannan Ho Photography

Hydrangeas present themselves as a classic choice for a traditional bride. The flower is available in a range of water colours that could be used as the main centre piece on its own or featured amongst other flowers.

How to Take Care of your Blooms

After choosing your beautiful blooms, you want to make sure they look their best on your big day. It’s important to pick flowers that perform well in the heat and humidity like tropical blooms. Hydrangeas, peonies and lilies are beautiful but are more likely to wilt in the heat so if you’re still on the fence about your florals, it might be something to consider.

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Photo by Thrive Flowers

On your special day, you want to keep that bouquet looking as beautiful as possible. Thrive Flowers have some fantastic tips on how to keep your flowers looking fresh for longer:

  • Your bouquets are kept in a little bit of water, so when you’re ready to go simply take them from the containers and make sure you dry the stems on a towel or on tissue paper so they don’t drip on your gorgeous dresses!
  • When you’re not using your flowers, make sure you keep them in the coolest room i.e. the laundry room. However, do not put them in the fridge!
  • Try to keep them out of direct sunlight as this can dry out the bouquet.
  • Try not to put your bouquet down too many times during the day as this can cause the petals to bruise. If you do need a rest, lay the flowers down as gently as you can.

When you’re ready to walk down the aisle, try not to clutch the bouquets up high, drop your shoulders so your arms are at waist level and relax – you look beautiful! Remember to tilt the flowers slightly forward so everyone can see your lovely arrangement.

A big thank you to our wise and wonderful members, Thrive Flowers, Floral Treasures and Bejewelled Brides for sharing their tips and tricks for summer florals.

Thanks, Jess xx