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WEOA is a membership based organisation providing a support business network forum for the Australian wedding industry. The benefit of becoming a member of WEOA is the chance to be part of an organisation that encourages like minded business professionals specialising in weddings and special occasions, in sharing valuable information, generating business leads and contacts, identifying common issues and providing a forum where recognition for excellence in business is rewarded. WEOA is an extension of members’ marketing and sales efforts. As an active member, you can take advantage of various exclusive marketing activities that occur over the year.

The WEOA website actively engages members and creates opportunities for profiling businesses, promoting special offers and an opportunity to showcase photos of your latest work through our newsletter and newly developed blog. WEOA has raised incredible interest from Australian brides on social media (Over 35,000 Facebook fans) . We are continuously promoting and marketing our members, showcasing their talents and amazing work. This has proved to be a huge success with many couples thanking us for supplying quality and reputable companies that have enhanced their big day.

WEOA will be responsible for recognising the amazing talent in the Australian Wedding Industry. Through the Wedding Industry Professionals of Australia Awards, our members have the opportunity to submit a proposal. These submissions are then judged by our WEOA board members and given a rating against the newly developed Diamond Standard. To view our Diamond Standard, click here.



Wedding Industry Professionals of Australia Awards

Be recognised for your contribution to the industry. The WIPA Awards create a new level of recognition to the Australian Wedding Industry. WEOA Members must submit their proposal and best photos for the year via the WEOA website. The member submissions are then judged by a panel of industry experts, producing a rating of One, Two or Three Diamonds (three being flawless). You will be judged on the way you conduct and operate your business, professionalism, talent, marketing, uniqueness and your ability to answer the specific questions outlined in the submission combined with your amazing photos.The finalist and winners will be acknowledged at annual events throughout Australia and in the future at a larger national event.

WEOA Calendar of Activities

Connect with the industry and gain valuable insight to specific topics at the WEOA  Industry Networking/Educational Event. This annual event provides an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and better your business whist integrating with fellow WEOA members.


Utilise the website, social media and PR networks of WEOA

  • Social Networking via FACEBOOK, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Website – Vendor’s Page, Special Offers and Feature Advertising
  • On-line blogs and Real Weddings

Membership Fees

For further information or to request a media kit please email