Josh Withers tell us why the wedding industry is the best industry

Josh Withers is all about marriage. He believes in the uniting power of love, and that’s why he is a proud marriage celebrant. He and his wife Britt Withers run successful businesses in the wedding industry. He owns Married by Josh, and Britt is part of the Elopement Collective, who plan weddings for couples who want to get married quickly and simply.

They will be running the Who Cares, Wins workshop on May 22, to share their tricks of the trade with lucky attendees. The workshop will cover customer service, fuss free social media and digital marketing, lifesaving admin tips, and entrepreneurial advice. It’s a not to be missed course on how to optimise your business in the wedding industry using technology and passion!

We at WEOA spoke to the man himself about working in the wedding industry and why caring is the key to success.

1. What attracted you to the career of wedding celebrant?

There are two things that attracted me to building a business as a wedding celebrant. About a decade ago I went to a family wedding and the ceremony was boring, meaningless, and left us all falling asleep. From that moment I knew I wanted to try and make wedding ceremonies better. The second thing was after years in the radio industry, on breakfast radio and talk radio I felt like I wasn’t doing something with my life that mattered. That lead Britt and I into building the businesses we now run, and we love it because we see the evidence every day that we’re changing the world for the better!

2. How is the wedding industry different from any other industry?

The wedding industry is different from any other industry on the planet in a few ways. Firstly, we’re always dealing with couples, not individuals or corporates. That’s why it’s dangerous to refer to our clients as only brides. Secondly our couples are only having one wedding ever, hopefully. And finally, every single wedding is the best. No-one is sitting around the dinging room table planning a crap wedding. Even if the budget is small, or large, every single wedding is the best wedding ever, and our couples are looking for the best from us, they want our care.

3. Why do you care? Why is that the secret too winning?

I could easily say I care because it’s good for business, but if that was my only reason that passion would fade quickly. I actually care about my couples being married because I personally am passionate about marriage. I come from a family of a million broken marriages and as a young person all I wanted for myself, and for my friends, was to have awesome marriages. Fast forward 15 years and I’m trying to live a great marriage with Britt, and I’m encouraging my couples to do the same. That’s why I care.

The secret to winning in business is to care, and the secret to caring well is to build systems, processes, and automations that allow you to care with less effort. The act of caring is hard work, it takes many hours and many dollars. But there are some things in business that we do inefficiently so our time is taken up in data entry instead of caring. So I want to help people in the natural and organic act of caring by reducing other burdens in their life.

4. What are you most excited by for your workshop?

I’m most excited by the prospect of more couples having awesome weddings as a result of wedding vendors investing a day in my workshop, Who Cares Wins. It’s a simple goal, I just want every wedding in Australia to be meaningful, enjoyable and fun!

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