Wedding Directory Sydney

Wedding Directory Sydney

  • Locate a suitable designer and have your gown made
  • Identify and book a venue
  • Arrange your limousine service
  • Book the band and DJ
  • Arrange a stylist to decorate your reception
  • Organise the flowers and bouquets
  • Book the photographers
  • Arrange catering and beverages
  • Choose a honeymoon hotel and make reservations
  • And much more

A wedding is an event that demands meticulous preparation so it makes sense to find all your wedding needs in one place. With the WEOA wedding directory, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Tasmania will now have the finest firms at their fingertips. That way you can conveniently go through and systematically contact your chosen vendor and service providers.

Need to hire the best photographer for your wedding? Want to spend your honeymoon in a romantic resort that’s been rated the best in its class? Love to hire that hairdresser that caters to the stars? Just scan through the directory. It’s like having the cream of the bridal industry right in your hands.

Another benefit of a directory is that by going through the listings, you’re not likely to overlook anything, something easy to do on a big day.

If you’re planning your wedding, no matter how intimate or elaborate be sure to check out the Weddings and Events of Australia WEOA wedding directory.

Australia’s finest wedding firms are at your fingertips.