Weddings and Events of Australia (WEOA) is the body for the Australian Wedding Industry. WEOA offers membership to elite and professional businesses within the wedding industry and has a directory of the most reputable vendors for brides to source for their wedding day. In addition to their directory services, WEOA provides networking opportunities to their members as well as continual support and encouragement for growth through recruitment, education and training
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Client Testimonials

When I first met Jessica it was undoubtedly apparent that passion and creativity flow in her DNA Her warm heart exquisite eye for detail and commitment to delivery boundless It is more than unique to be in the privileged position...

Marcus Longinotti
Creative Director at Gastronomy, 3 Diamond Business

In this day in age it is not often that you find someone so passionate and driven to inspire others to raise their standards to provide an amazing and unforgettable wedding experience Jessica and the team at WEOA have done...

Karl  Schwantes
Managing Director at Xennox Diamonds

The WEOA Awards are more than a competition They re a rare and golden opportunity to network with the best in the industry To get your name out there in a glamorous environment to the best people in the industry...

Dean and Rachael Bentick
Directors of Inlighten Photography

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